This post is about the new photoshoot made for the international awarded artist Adolfo Faringthon and his brand new collection of unique colorful facemasks. All the pictures here covers what we did and some of the final results delivered. Enjoy!

Getting Ready

Adolfo is selecting the order on what facemasks are going to be used.

The Model

Alba did an excellent job being the model behind the product. She was the perfect subject due to her latin skin to wear the new collection of Adolfo.

Alba was also featuring the work of the incredible makeup artist Herminia Ticé. Herminia used special tones to enhance Alba's latin skin color.

Adolfo's Signature

All Adolfo Faringthon's Facemasks come with his unique signature that makes special everything that comes from his mind and heart. He takes care of every detail when he is making this facemasks, since the conception of the artwork until the very end.

The Team

Alba Marina Medrano: Instagram

Adolfo Faringthon: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Herminia Ticé: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Thanks for reading!