About my real estate video style

I started shooting Real Estate Videos and Photography in Sosua back in 2016 when I bought my first drone, DJI Phantom 4. I was making these videos with with my DJI Osmo and the Phantom 4 for a while. I really loved working with the Osmo.

Later on, I bought the iPhone 7 Plus, which is a great tool for video due to it's great dynamic range camera capabilitiies, so I introduced a new way of HDR Video with this, that means that you are able to see indoors and outdoors at the same time with a single camera, something that was not possible before unless you had an very expensive high-end video camera, a very expensive computer, and a lot of post-processing to get a similar result.

At the date of this post, I have done over 100 Videos of all kind of properties (Villas, Houses, Condos, Residential, Farms) on the north coast all, to be specific in Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Now I am shooting with even better equipment like the Nikon Z6, DJI Air 2S and iPhone 11 Pro Max; delivering the best quality possible in this modern time. Well, check this videos done at Casa Linda, one of the best residential projects in the north coast. Enjoy!