Let's start with some Aerials

A great way to start my portfolio would be with showcasing properties from a bird view. Take a look at this amazing shots taken at this amazing residential complex.

Twilight Photography

I love to shoot at golden hours because of that beautiful and romantic shadows coming thru the property, but shooting at that right time of merging the day and night is definitely my favorite time for photography, early in the morning (my favorite) or late afternoon. All the shots below were taken from 5:45am to 6:45am.

Still adding more photos...

Please comeback again, I will continue uploading more interesting pictures of spaces like Kitchen, Interiors, Outdoor Spaces, Pools, Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

Real Estate Video

This is one of my first videos on properties at all. Not made for the client but for myself.

Let's go ahead!

your sales or rentals results depends on a great property showcase!